Number 5 of the FCI newsletter is ready, although somewhat later than usual. But, as number 6 is already in the pipeline and will be out soon, we will be able to present you with six issues a year as promised. Together with my partners Marie Luna Duran and Yves De Clercq we have worked hard to keep you informed on a regular basis about what goes on in the world of the FCI. As if starting up a newsletter was not enough, there were also the festivities to celebrate the FCI Centenary Year with the FCI Centenary Champion of Champions Show and the Cynological Days recently held in Brussels as the highlight. In the next issue we will focus on this event only, with a full report and lots of photos. I realize that it was not just an exhausting year for us, but for everyone who has worked hard to make all this happen, especially all the people who helped organizing the different events...

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We mourn Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wilhelm Brass

Professor Wilhelm Brass passed away on 8 October 2011 at the age of 85 years.

In addition to his many years of work as a scientist, he also assisted and shaped various cynological organisations with his specialist’s knowledge and expertise.

Professor Brass was appointed Assistant Professor for Experimental Therapy and Small Animal Diseases at the Hanover Small Pets’ Clinic in 1958. From 1959 to 1964, he held a chair in Porto Alegre, Brazil; in 1965, he was appointed full professor and director of the Small Pets’ Clinic by the Veterinary University of Hanover. Professor Brass published around 100 scientific works in internationally recognised specialist journals.

For many years he placed himself at the disposal of the German Cynological Association VDH as an honorary member of the Scientific Advisory Committee, assisting the association in both word and deed. In appreciation of his services, he was presented with the Association’s highest award, the VDH badge of honour in gold with garland and diamond, on 1 June 1997. He also made a very valuable contribution as a member and chairman of the FCI Scientific Commission from 1980 to 2011.

For decades, Professor Brass was able to conduct his work in both Brazil and Germany, linking these two very different environments.

He distinguished himself through his particularly active and committed professional life with a great deal of energy and joie de vivre up to an advanced age.

We mourn a charming man who will remain in our thoughts and memory for a long time.

Professor Dr. Peter Friedrich,
VDH President

Bernhard Meyer,
VDH Chief Executive